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Hey there! We grow Microgreens vertically on our farm. We sell locally to restaurants and can deliver home subscriptions. On average our Microgreens take about a week from planting. We always have extra growing so we’d love to give you a free sample! Feel free to ask questions by texting the phone number below. What do you do with them? They go great on sandwiches, soups, salads & more! We love to put the salad mix in smoothies too! They are a great topper to elevate your elegant dish at your restaurant. They are also extremely healthy!! On average they can be 40% more nutritious than their full grown vegetable. For example, red cabbage microgreens have been found to contain 40x more vitamin E and 6x more vitamin C than a fully mature red cabbage. Because of the wide nutrient profile, microgreens can be valuable for cancer prevention, heart health, diabetes and more! Think of them as supercharged. Check out more below.

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What do I put Microgreens on? 


You can put Microgreens on literally almost everything. Plus they’re healthy and good for you! There’s also no need for fertilizer or pesticides because we grow them vertically inside! All around it’s an amazing product you don’t want to miss out on! Check out our Instagram and get your order going. @greyaceaegrow Follow and send us a DM! 

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If you need any ideas for what to put them on check out our Instagram @greyaceaegrow because we also cook. James has been a chef at many restaurants around the Portland, Or area and loves using Microgreens to enhance his dishes! At home we put it on just about everything that we’d use lettuce for. As for restaurants just a pinch of them on top really makes a dish look appealing and worth more money!  


What are Microgreens exactly?

Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed with one set of true leaves. They are used as a nutrition supplement, a visual enhancement, and a flavor and texture enhancement. Microgreens are used to add sweetness and spiciness to foods. They are also a great way to get your kids to eat vegetables by putting the mild flavor ones into fruit smoothies! 

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Let us grow for you!

Want to learn more about our varieties and start a weekly subscription? Get in touch! 


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How to order? 

Leave us a message above with the variety/varieties you are interested in! We knock off $3/$4 off the price if you pick up or we can deliver for the price listed if you’re in the Portland suburbs area. We’d love to use a mason jar for home subscriptions and we can wash and reuse! Chefs ask us about larger quantities. 

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James Grey



Vitamins and Minerals that are in most Microgreens and how they help your body!

Vitamin A -Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth, soft tissues, skin and mucous membranes. Vital in cellular communication, immune function, vision and reproduction. 

Vitamin E - Primary antioxidant. Neutralize or reduce free radicals, protecting molecular and cellular components. May relieve inflammatory diseases and conditions including arthritis. Helps prevent free radicals from oxygenating cholesterol. Can lower risk of developing blocked arteries, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks. 

Vitamin C -Crucial for developing, growing and repairing all bodily tissues. Plays a pivotal role in collagen development, maintenance and strength of bones, cartilage and teeth. Supports immune function, iron absorption and many other bodily functions.

Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine B5 Pantothenic Acid 

B2 Riboflavin B1 Thiamine 

Folate is great for pregnant women! It can prevent severe congenital disabilities of the fetus’s developing brain and spine. Vitamin B helps prevent infections and plays a vital role in cellular health, energy levels, healthy brain and nerve function, cardiovascular health, red blood cell growth and more!

Vitamin K - A fat-soluble vitamin that plays a crucial role in producing a protein called prothrombin. This protein regulates blood calcium levels, bone metabolism, and blood clotting.

Manganese -Your body stores approx. 20mg of manganese in the bones, liver, kidneys and pancreas making it essential for your diet. Can help control blood sugar levels and maintain inflammation. 

Zinc -Helps cell division, bone development, immune cell function, signaling, digestion, metabolism and wound repair. 

Magnesium -Critical for energy production and maintaining healthy strong bones, healthy cardiovascular, immune and nervous systems. People with these conditions usually have low levels of magnesium: Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, cardiac complications and colon cancer. 

Iron -Helps blood production. Red blood cells (hemoglobin) a protein, transport oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the body’s tissues. 

Calcium -Strong bones and teeth! Aids in muscle movement, blood circulation and transmitting messages from your brain to your body. 

Potassium -Regulates nerve signaling, muscle contraction and fluid balance. May lower blood pressure, reduce water retention and help prevent strokes! 

Phosphorus -Filters waste, produces DNA and RNA, repairs tissue and cells, maintains nerve condition, and keeps the bone and teeth strong. 

Copper -Maintains healthy metabolic processes. Aids in the development and maintenance of strong bones and ensures proper neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular functioning.

Selenium -Promotes DNA repair in damaged cells, decrease or prevents cancer, cell proliferation and increases apoptosis (process whereby the body removes abnormal cells).

Microgreens can have up to 40% more vitamins and minerals than the full grown vegetable in a serving! It’s really a super good addition to your diet! 

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